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Being A Part Of Waking Kya 

Updated: Jan 31

When I saw the audition for LaFran Entertainment I was extremely intrigued because it was a casting for African Dancers. I have been studying, performing and training in African Dance for many years and knew this was an opportunity I shouldn't pass up. Later that evening I got the call from Sonia Artwell that I had been selected and I remember feeling flushed with emotions; extremely happy, humbled, grateful and Excited! It has always been my dream to perform African Dance in a major theater Production and here was my first opportunity!

I am African Caribbean born and raised in Castries, Saint Lucia with a lineage originating in West Africa. Nigeria,Benin,Cameroon to be exact! Opportunities to share our culture outside of Corporate Functions, Wedding and Traditional Ceremonies come far and few in between. African Culture,African Music and African Dance has not always been mainstream or popular culture. Thankful for moments and opportunities such as this one that go against the status quo and bring something Authentic!

Everyone should come to See Waking Kya not only because of the amazing performance art that will be expressed; live music, singing, acting, dance but also because of the beautiful blend of cultures represented in our cast.We have Cast Members from South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ivory Coast,Zimbabwe and many other countries. Mostly, everyone should come to see the Theatrical Production of Waking Kya because it is a phenomenal , highly anticipated, evocative play Directed by A beautiful African-Jamaican- American woman who is passionate about her craft.Not to mention the celebration of Women's History Month! So much history and culture was lost as a result of the lack of story telling. To be able to bring Kya's story to life is an honor.

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