PRESS RELEASE: Evocative Off-Broadway Production, “Waking Kya” Makes its Way to South Florida at FAU

Updated: Feb 15

Inspired by shockingly true stories of the Sierra Leone Civil War, the emotionally riveting production will come to Boca Raton on March 7th and March 8th of 2020.

Delivering the universal themes of heartache, healing, and hope above all, “Waking Kya”, written by Siobhan Fitzpatrick, is the reflective journey of two sisters living in a Liberian refugee camp, each coping from the traumas of war.

“Today, “Waking Kya” is still (unfortunately) as relevant as ever with so many war-torn regions throughout the world, resulting in hundreds of thousands of displaced persons,” said Siobhan.

“It’s more than a story of survival; it is a story about how as females, we can help lift each other out of the darkness. Because we are inherent caregivers, we women know how to use our pain as a vehicle to help others and that is something truly extraordinary and beautiful,” said show director Sonia Artwell.

The international ensemble features actors, dancers, and singers hailing from the likes of Haiti, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, West Africa and North America, merging together an eclectic mix of African sound and movement, as well as interpretations of social injustice.

“This really is a multisensory performance that is a feast for the eyes, ears, and heart. Two of our choreographed numbers Fix Me, Jesus and I've Been Buked from the Alvin Ailey Revelations album has been provided courtesy of Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc. and are just exquisite to watch,” added Artwell.

Tickets for the show can be purchased online at and at .

For an Interview with Sonia Artwell, Director/Producer

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