• Kayla David

The Bonds Of Sisterhood 

Updated: Feb 22

One of the things that really drew me and connected me to this production was how true Sisterhood is represented in the story. Even through our creative process, we have become more and more like Sisters and likewise family. Throughout history, women have created Sacred Circles to support each other through good times, bad times, menstrual times, Celebrations,wars,harvests and the like.

This Past Tuesday, February 11th, We were given the opportunity to shared a snippet of our sisterhood from Waking Kya as well as our true bond as a cast. Over the Past few months we have been rehearsing steps, developing our characters as well as cultivating connections with each other. We Are Family is one of the hashtags we use because it speaks to the work we do collectively to bring Waking Kya to life!

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